2017 IMA Awards

Robbie Moore, virtual creative director for 3 Media Web, took home three prestigious web design awards from the 2017 Interactive Media Awards (IMA Awards).

The IMA award for Outstanding Achievement in Education is for Long Ridge School, an independent day school located in Stamford, Connecticut. Scores for the website makeover were: Design: 93, Content: 97, Feature Functionality: 100, Usability: 94, Standards Compliance: 93.

Robbie also received two awards for Best in Class for business-to-business (B2B) web design. The first for ConEst Software Systems of Manchester, New Hampshire, with a score of: Design: 94, Content: 100, Feature Functionality: 100, Usability: 97, Standards Compliance: 95. And the second for Marketing Messages, a voice messaging service in Waltham, Massachusetts. Scores for the Marketing Messages website makeover were: Design: 93, Content: 98, Feature Functionality: 100, Usability: 100, Standards Compliance: 97.

The Interactive Media Awards is a nonprofit organization consisting of leading web designers, programmers, and developers. The competition’s purpose is to elevate and promote the standards of excellence for web design on the internet.