One-Minute How-To Videos for WordPress Beginners

In order to add a new menu item, go to the “Appearance” item on the left and pull up to “Menus” and click on that. And what you’ll see is a list of your main menu items right here. You can click and drag those and you can actually nest pages underneath the main menu items. But if you want to add a new one, click on first of all, make sure you’re at the main menu and click “View All.” And let’s say I wanted to add “Virtual Creative Services.” I select it, then I click “Add to Menu” and then I can put it in in whatever order I want. And when I’m done, I click “Save Menu.” 

What? Another series about how to learn WordPress?

That’s right. But here’s the twist: each video is less than a minute.

The video series covers the following How-To topics:

Stay tuned for our videos on our favorite WordPress plugins and Visual Page Builder basics.

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