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Core Services
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Growth Services
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Core Services

A website is a lot like a house. First you need to build it, then – as time goes on – you begin to notice it’s in need of some maintenance TLC or maybe even a makeover. Our Core Services are all about making sure your website has the most “curb appeal” on your block.


Whether you’re a startup needing a new or an established business itching for a makeover, chances are you know that looking great is a business necessity. We help you enhance your company’s image, build your brand, and promote your product or service with top-notch design.

  • Website Design
  • Logo/Brand Development
  • Integration with offline marketing materials


Funny thing – our engineers design and our designers code. It’s their attention to detail and ability to speak with each other that makes it no surprise our sites are blazingly fast, easy to manage and look awesome on every device.

  • Standards-compliant HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Data-driven code – PHP, MySQL and AJAX
  • WordPress CMS


Who are you writing for? How do you tell your story? We know how to integrate your message through text, photos, illustrations, video and infographics to maximize user engagement.

  • Writing for the Web
  • Custom photography and stock photo search
  • Custom illustrations and icons
  • Animation graphics and video integration
Growth Services

A great website is the center of your online marketing. But it’s Growth Services that drive traffic to your site, build your audience and ensure online success. Adding each new service – like SEO, Social Media and AdWords – builds credibility, authority and momentum for your business.

Social Media

Don’t be bashful, get social! Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are great ways to build awareness and establish authority in your industry. We present a unique “you” through a custom blend of social media to gain market insights and ultimately increase revenue.

  • Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Build Editorial Calendars
  • Manage daily social activity


91% of email users check their email daily. We can set up email automation campaigns to nurture leads, increase sales conversions or simply deliver enewsletters with popular platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and HubSpot.

  • Email template design
  • Merge data, list maintenance
  • Platform migration
  • Newsletter production with Google Analytics campaign tracking


What good is a website if you can’t be found? Rushminute’s got your back. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we help your site rank at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing search result pages.

  • Competitive keyword analysis
  • Optimizing text for SEO and reader-friendliness
  • Ensuring proper semantic markup on all pages on your pages
  • Local search optimization

AdWords PPC

Google didn’t get to be the biggest site on the planet without good reason. AdWords is that reason. If you need to grow your audience or move product online, AdWords, BingAds (and others) use a bidding system to get eyeballs on your site.

  • Setup AdWords and BingAds accounts
  • Write and design high-converting ads
  • Analyze and optimize your ad spend


A blog for business? Yup. Blogging is an excellent way for your company to – as Google puts it – “establish authority” and bring consistent traffic to your site. Time to rethink blogs: they’re a great way to promote your business and steal your competitor’s lunch money.

  • Develop an editorial calendar
  • Research and write posts
  • Integrate posts with lead gen initiatives

User Testing

When discussing your web makeover, the most important person is never in the room: the user. User testing helps you understand your audience and define their needs instead of guessing. Making testing a part of everything you do helps you prioritize goals and make simple, effective interfaces that users love.

  • Implement DIY user testing
  • Run user tests
  • Itemize test results into actionable todos


How healthy is your site? Well, like they say, the numbers don’t lie. We take you “under the hood” of your website to show you your site’s Google Analytics (GA) or Bing stats so you can make strategic decisions and respond proactively to changes in your industry.

  • Setup and authenticate Google and Bing Analytics
  • Run monthly, quarterly or annual GA reports
  • Troubleshoot spikes or drops in visits, bounce rate or conversions


Guess what the #2 most popular site on the planet is? Answer: YouTube. If you’re not creating and sharing videos, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. Why? Because just about everyone thinks it’s expensive and complicated. Let’s stop that silly thinking and start nanocasting – reaching a small, highly targeted audience with videos or podcasts.

  • Instruction in DIY nanocasting
  • Build a video production calendar


To be honest, PR isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But PR is not dead and can be a tremendously powerful asset in creating buzz and accelerating growth. If you’re a thought leader in a highly competitive industry, PR can leverage your stature in the news, activities and events in your industry.

  • Online PR
  • Traditional/Broadcast Press
  • Magazine/Trade Publication PR

Print / Brand

Rushminute has expertise in offline branding – logo design, annual reports, ads, flyers, tradeshow displays – to help you extend your online presence and leverage customer engagement.

  • Logo/Brand development
  • Tradeshow displays, banners and flyers
  • Advertisements, brochures and annual reports

Have a project in mind? Let’s talk.