SolidWorks World 2016

Big Enough For Y’all?

SolidWorks is the biggest name in CAD software. And for 2016 the folks at SolidWorks decided to go large and host the annual conference – SolidWorks World – in Big D.

The problem was, how do you make a big splash with only one page?

The answer: be simple, bold and memorable. A single landing page was broken into logical bands, each one with a specific purpose: new features, “eye candy” videos, calendar of events, discount coupon, etc.

The result? Conversions were up 28.4% and time on site increased by 214%.

Big numbers like those make for a big success, which is why they circled back around and asked me to do it again for SolidWorks World 2017.

14/41 - SolidWorks World 2016