Rushminute not only offers web development and design services, but we also provide digital marketing. Our team’s power-packed combination of digital skills has helped clients around the United States enhance their online presence…


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Robbie Moore, Rushminute’s founder, was honored for the third year in a row with an AIVA award. This year, the Sigfox USA website received a W3 Silver Award for web design from among 5,000 entries.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by AIVA again! Three years in a row – it’s starting to become a habit.”

Robbie Moore, Creative Director

SigFox USA is an IoT network operator for Sigfox, a global low-cost, LoRa (Long-Range) network that tracks data from billions of devices worldwide.

This year, 3 Media Web received two silver awards for their work for two clients in very different industries: Computer/IT.

Outstanding Achievement

The W3 Awards honor superior creativity on the web and recognize the individuals behind award winning web sites. It’s considered the first major web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between.



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Rushminute not only offers web development and design services, but we also provide digital marketing. Our team’s power-packed combination of digital skills has helped clients around the United States enhance their online presence…

2018 Silver Davey Awards

The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts has announced the winners of the 14th Annual Davey Awards – and two recent projects done by Rushminute’s virtual creative director, Robbie Moore, won Silver Awards: BOHH Labs and 3Play Media.

BOHH Labs is a Silicon Valley-based startup that provides a secure platform for enterprise data. In addition to designing the site, Rushminute designed an animated infographic to explain how BOHH Labs breaks data into chunks, encrypts each piece, then reassembles all the pieces for added security.

The second Silver Davey Award recognizes 3Play Media unique accessibility accomplishments. 3Play Media, founded in 2007 by four MIT graduate students, makes videos accessible to those with visual, audio, cognitive, and physical disabilities through groundbreaking technology. The new website adheres to the latest WCAG (Web Content Access Guidelines) with striking, simplified design elements and sophisticated “under the hood” coding.

The Davey Awards honor outstanding creative work from digital agencies worldwide derives its name from the mythological figure, David, who defeated the giant Goliath with a big idea and a little rock. Similarly, the Davey Awards represent creative “Davids” who obtain their strength from big ideas, rather than big budgets. The Davey Awards are judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) whose membership includes more than 700 leading visual arts professionals.

In the past, Robbie Moore has won several other awards as part of the 3 Media Web virtual team including the Communicator Awards, W3 Awards, and Horizon Awards.

2018 Communicator Awards

The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA) recently announced the 2018 Communicator Award winners. Three recent projects done by Rushminute’s Robbie Moore won Awards while working as the virtual creative director for 3 Media Web: Tandem Care Associates, Acacia Communications and 3Play Media.

Tandem Care Associates is a startup that provides individualized senior care and treatment plans in central Massachusetts. Since the site was built from scratch – including the logo and color scheme – Tandem Care Associates was able to position themselves as a fresh, innovative alternative to senior care in the area. The design won an Award of Distinction by using bright colors, dramatic photos of smiling seniors and bold text to signal innovation and energy.

Acacia Communications builds the high-speed optical components that power todays internet. They needed a clean, dynamic website to replace their dated, cluttered website – which definitely didn’t reflect their success as industry leaders. The new site won an Award of Excellence for using clever icon-based infographics to explain the different optical network types and gracefully revealing detailed information with the click of a mouse.

3Play Media provides closed captioning, transcription, audio description, and subtitling for 2500+ organizations – including Fortune 100s and large government agencies. They needed a new site that was easy for everyone to use, especially site visitors with disabilities. That meant the website had a double challenge: it needed to reflect 3Play Media’s values and vision while at the same time adhere to the strictest accessibility guidelines. The Award of Excellence winning design concept was to use oversized, animated captions to provide visual pop and underscore 3Play Media’s main service: video captioning.

The AIVA Communicator Awards awards work that makes a lasting impact, “We provide winners and their clients the recognition they deserve and give communications and creative professionals proof and validation that their work is highly regarded by their peers within the industry. The Award of Excellence, our highest honor and is given to those companies whose ability to communicate positions them as the best in the field.”

2017 IMA Awards

Robbie Moore, virtual creative director for 3 Media Web, took home three prestigious web design awards from the 2017 Interactive Media Awards (IMA Awards).

The IMA award for Outstanding Achievement in Education is for Long Ridge School, an independent day school located in Stamford, Connecticut. Scores for the website makeover were: Design: 93, Content: 97, Feature Functionality: 100, Usability: 94, Standards Compliance: 93.

Robbie also received two awards for Best in Class for business-to-business (B2B) web design. The first for ConEst Software Systems of Manchester, New Hampshire, with a score of: Design: 94, Content: 100, Feature Functionality: 100, Usability: 97, Standards Compliance: 95. And the second for Marketing Messages, a voice messaging service in Waltham, Massachusetts. Scores for the Marketing Messages website makeover were: Design: 93, Content: 98, Feature Functionality: 100, Usability: 100, Standards Compliance: 97.

The Interactive Media Awards is a nonprofit organization consisting of leading web designers, programmers, and developers. The competition’s purpose is to elevate and promote the standards of excellence for web design on the internet.

2017 Communicator Awards

Robbie Moore has been awarded two 2017 Communicator Awards of Distinction while working as the virtual creative director for 3 Media Web. The two websites receiving awards are Marketing Messages, an on-hold messaging company, and The Long Ridge School, a private day school in CT.

For over two decades, the awards have recognized excellence and creativity by experts in the arts and communications industries.

“We used to have a truly awful website – it was stuck in the ’90s. We now have a website that is visually compelling, highly functional, and easy to navigate.” Jim Giebutowski – Partner, Business Development at Marketing Messages

Both of the winning websites exhibit outstanding web design: attention-grabbing visuals, bold headlines, and neat layouts. The attention to detail and strong foundation of design principles make the sites easy-to-use and repositions each company as a brand leader.

2016 WMA Award

Rushminute’s Robbie Moore is honored to represent 3 Media Web as the creative director for the 2106 WebAward for Best Biotech Website for the MatTek Corporation website redesign. Marc Avila, Founder of 3 Media Web said, “We are incredibly proud of the work we accomplished and delighted to be recognized by the Web Marketing Association in the category for Best Biotech Website design.”

Artificial Cells Save Bunnies

Mattek’s innovative three-dimensional reconstructed human tissue models allow scientists in the health and beauty industries to run tests without harming laboratory animals.

But MatTek’s previous website was behind-the-times with awkward navigation and lack of responsive design. The Best Biotech Website Award for 2016 now positions them as the emerging leader in tissue models.

Robbie Moore used electron microscopy imagery from MatTek as the foundation for the visual impact for the site – coloring the black and white images with colorful, attention-getting gradients. In addition, the new site integrates e-commerce and a custom search tool to allow users to easily browse MatTek’s huge online reference library.

About the WMA WebAwards

The Web Marketing Association’s WebAwards is the longest running annual website award competition. Since 1997, the annual WebAward has set the standard of excellence for website design and development.

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