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Is Your Website “Visitor Repellant?”

Before I get into today’s topic. I need to get something off my chest. Writing interesting blog posts is hard. At least I think it is. That’s mainly because an effective blog post must be something people actually want to read. It’s way more than just a catchy title and an arresting image. It’s 1,500 […]

The 7 Most Common Website Makeover Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Need to upgrade your website? If you’re a small business owner, a website makeover is essential to help you stay ahead of your competition. A healthy, attractive website helps your business: generate leads drive conversions build brand loyalty But for lots of small business folks, the whole makeover process can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, this guide […]

Your Small Business Doesn’t Need a Custom Website

I’m a designer with 30+ years experience and I don’t think your small business needs a custom website. For 15 years, I’ve designed and coded dozens of custom websites for small- and medium-sized companies all the way up to gigantic Fortune 500 enterprises, so why on earth would I say that? One simple reason: custom […]

3 Telltale Signs You Need a Business Blog

A blog for your small business may seem like a weird idea if nobody’s told you how it helps you attract new customers. The reason for a small business blog is simple: the more content your site generates, the easier it is for potential customers find you online. And though the term blog seems more […]

Convert Your Old Website to WordPress for Free

Do you have an old website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices? Is it really a pain for you to change anything on the page? If so, you’re a fantastic candidate for converting your website to WordPress. You Got This Lots of small businesses have clunky old sites that, for one reason or another, are […]

SiteGround Website Hosting Review

As the owner of a web design agency, I get lots of questions about web hosting by folks who don’t know anything about hosting. I usually have to start by explaining what web hosting is – in the most basic sense, it’s a place to put your website so everyone on the internet can find […]

Spark Action by Answering Questions

When it comes to online marketing, lots of small businesses (SMBs) are in the same boat: they’re all tied up in knots. The common misconception is that in order to do effective online marketing, you need some big, formal marketing plan that’s 20+ pages long and sucks up a ton of time and expertise. Now […]

6 Tips for Small Business Social Media Wallflowers

When it comes to being social media, a lot of small business owners are wallflowers. Some have tried to do social media, but it ended up getting awkward so they stopped. Others haven’t even tried because they’re paralyzed with fear – they don’t know how to do it so they figure it’s better to just […]

Why Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

If your small business isn’t the biggest fish in your niche, content marketing can help you shrink the gap between you and the market leaders. It helps show prospects you’re credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy while at the same time shaping a distinct persona for your brand. Sure, all companies need marketing, but content marketing’s particularly important […]