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Web Accessibility Design Q&A with Robbie Moore

Web accessibility – how websites are created to accommodate disabled people – is changing how companies like Rushminute create websites. We asked Robbie Moore, Rushminute’s founder, to answer a few questions about how web accessibility design. How long have you been involved in developing accessible websites?  I’d say 2 years. My most recent project was […]

WordCamp Omaha 2019

WordCamps alway terrify and affirm me. Invariably I get freaked about how little most WordPress folks charge. Conversely, I always come away with some moments that let me know I’m not a noob. True, I did volunteer as the room runner for the Beginner sessions, so I was sitting in on entry-level sessions. Still, it’s […]

Is Your Website “Visitor Repellant?”

Before I get into today’s topic. I need to get something off my chest. Writing interesting blog posts is hard. At least I think it is. That’s mainly because an effective blog post must be something people actually want to read. It’s way more than just a catchy title and an arresting image. It’s 1,500 […]

The 7 Most Common Website Makeover Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Need to upgrade your website? If you’re a small business owner, a website makeover is essential to help you stay ahead of your competition. A healthy, attractive website helps your business: generate leads drive conversions build brand loyalty But for lots of small business folks, the whole makeover process can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, this guide […]

Your Small Business Doesn’t Need a Custom Website

I’m a designer with 30+ years experience and I don’t think your small business needs a custom website. For 15 years, I’ve designed and coded dozens of custom websites for small- and medium-sized companies all the way up to gigantic Fortune 500 enterprises, so why on earth would I say that? One simple reason: custom […]

3 Telltale Signs You Need a Business Blog

A blog for your small business may seem like a weird idea if nobody’s told you how it helps you attract new customers. The reason for a small business blog is simple: the more content your site generates, the easier it is for potential customers find you online. And though the term blog seems more […]

Convert Your Old Website to WordPress for Free

Do you have an old website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices? Is it really a pain for you to change anything on the page? If so, you’re a fantastic candidate for converting your website to WordPress. You Got This Lots of small businesses have clunky old sites that, for one reason or another, are […]

SiteGround Website Hosting Review

As the owner of a web design agency, I get lots of questions about web hosting by folks who don’t know anything about hosting. I usually have to start by explaining what web hosting is – in the most basic sense, it’s a place to put your website so everyone on the internet can find […]