Tilted blurry picture of office interior.Video clip of Google+ Hangout with Rushminute's Virtual Team.

Virtual Team

Bring Rushminute's

team of experts right

to your desktop anytime

with Google Hangouts

Tilted blurry photo of an office interior.Video clip showing how Live Screenshare allows clients to review progress and give feedback.

Remote Control

Review progress, give

feedback and get real-time

one-on-one support with

Live Screenshare

Photo of Rushminute founder Robbie Moore on telephone.

Robbie Moore

Heya! 🙂

Rushminute is a creative, fun-loving team of WordPress design and development experts. What’s that mean? Most likely it means you’ll enjoy making your website as much as you’ll love the results.

Virtual Team – On Your Desktop

Rushminute is a tight-knit team of coders, writers, project managers and designers sprinkled around the world. At first you might think that means we’re hard to assemble and stay in touch with, but times and technology have changed.

With Google+ Hangouts, we click through weekly face-to-face progress meetings. No need to hassle with traffic delays or waiting rooms for in-person meetings. With a virtual team you get instant answers, plus offline access to our experts via email, text or phone.

Live Screenshare

The foundation of our business model is Live Screenshare. Using free software, we’re able to show and discuss what’s on our screen – no matter where either of us is located. And it’s scalable, so your team members who are critical to the discussion can join in as well, even if they’re in a different office or on the road.

Whether we’re reviewing design ideas together or you forget how to add a photo, Live Screenshare gives you one-on-one support in real time.

Donut chart depicting the most common content management systems.

All other CMSs

Why WordPress?

WordPress is by far the most common Content Management System (CMS), used by Fortune 500s like eBay, CNN, Facebook, Disney and LinkedIn. It’s stable, easy-to-use and versatile. That’s why we’ve been using it since 2004.

Source: http://trends.builtwith.com/cms