2018 Communicator Awards

The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA) recently announced the 2018 Communicator Award winners. Three recent projects done by Rushminute’s Robbie Moore won Awards while working as the virtual creative director for 3 Media Web: Tandem Care Associates, Acacia Communications and 3Play Media.

Tandem Care Associates is a startup that provides individualized senior care and treatment plans in central Massachusetts. Since the site was built from scratch – including the logo and color scheme – Tandem Care Associates was able to position themselves as a fresh, innovative alternative to senior care in the area. The design won an Award of Distinction by using bright colors, dramatic photos of smiling seniors and bold text to signal innovation and energy.

Acacia Communications builds the high-speed optical components that power todays internet. They needed a clean, dynamic website to replace their dated, cluttered website – which definitely didn’t reflect their success as industry leaders. The new site won an Award of Excellence for using clever icon-based infographics to explain the different optical network types and gracefully revealing detailed information with the click of a mouse.

3Play Media provides closed captioning, transcription, audio description, and subtitling for 2500+ organizations – including Fortune 100s and large government agencies. They needed a new site that was easy for everyone to use, especially site visitors with disabilities. That meant the website had a double challenge: it needed to reflect 3Play Media’s values and vision while at the same time adhere to the strictest accessibility guidelines. The Award of Excellence winning design concept was to use oversized, animated captions to provide visual pop and underscore 3Play Media’s main service: video captioning.

The AIVA Communicator Awards awards work that makes a lasting impact, “We provide winners and their clients the recognition they deserve and give communications and creative professionals proof and validation that their work is highly regarded by their peers within the industry. The Award of Excellence, our highest honor and is given to those companies whose ability to communicate positions them as the best in the field.”